iPFaces is a flexible solution for easy development of form-oriented network mobile applications. With the iPFaces solution, mobile devices are able to render content received from a server using their native UI components. It uses thin presentation client (must be installed on device) to render application content. Using iPFaces it is possible to build an application where users can use their device’s specific component behavior and additional device features, such as location service and additional graphic components of the device (lists, pickers etc.).

iPFaces doesn’t work only with Java, but also PHP and ASP.Net are supported.

Hello world example
Add “ipfaces-taglib-1.1. jar“ to your web project. For development, it is suitable of have the “ipfaces-taglib-1.1.jar” library in the development environment listed in the project “CLASSPATH”.

Then create the WAR web application bundle through the preferred path and deploy “Hello World” to your application test server in a standard way.

Look at Image04.jpg and Image05.jpg.

Use of location service
To obtain a user location from a mobile device use the IPFGsm class. Upon submission of a form, the location data will be sent as a parameter with the selected name (gpsElement in this example).

I’m convinced that this may be useful for you. 🙂 More information can be found at official site www.ipfaces.org.

There are three clients avalailable – for BlackBerry, iPhone and devices with J2ME.

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