In your college or school they restrict to see some sites ? You can access without any restrictions using the proxy server.

What is Proxy?

Proxy server is some kind of a buffer between your computer and the designated internet destination. When you use a proxy server , your computer will send a request to the proxy server , then the proxy server will send it to the destination (for example a website), the destination will answer the request the proxy has sent and finally the proxy will return the data to you computer.

Reasons for using proxy servers:

  • Proxy server is able to increase or decrease the speed of your connection to the Internet depending on the location of the proxy
  • Proxy server ( but only anonymous) can hide your IP address (the resource you visit will retrieve the IP of the proxy, and not your
  • Proxy servers can help in case some owner of an Internet resource impose restrictions for users from certain countries ( for example is only reserved for those from United States, if you are not from United States, you can’t watch videos on

How to Use:
open the proxy server site .
when you open the browser it will ask you to get the certificate.
so click “Get certificate “
and click “ok”
Now site will be opened
The website will ask you to enter the url of site.
enter url of site you want to visit .

List of Proxy Sites:
fly proxy

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