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How to Disable Facebook Messenger Chat Heads on Android

Facebook Cheat Heads is one of the very cool features which enable us to read and send Facebook chat messages without leaving your current screen. A small floating circle, containing the...

WhatsApp AutoClean – Remove WhatsApp Images from Gallery

How to Hide WhatsApp Images, Audio, Video Shared From the Gallery, Follow tutorial WhatsApp AutoClean is an ad-free android application that removes all WhatsApp media (images, videos, sound etc) and hide...

How To Install Android On PC

How to install Android On PC !! Step By Step Guide to install Android Operating System On your PC . Almost all of us love android , and it...

How to remove photo location on Samsung Galaxy S6

There are several ways to remove EXIF data from a picture you've taken with your smartphone, including a number of apps available on Google Play. But Samsung's made it...
Kali Linux On Android

How To Install Kali Linux On Android Smartphone

Kali Linux is the most referred operating System for Pen-testers, White Hat hackers, and even Black Hat Hackers. Kali Linux has a great collection of tools used for pentesting,...

How To Find IMEI Number of Stolen or Lost Android Phone

Every Mobile Device comes with a Unique IMEI Identifier Number. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. This Number acts as a unique Identifier for Mobiles as every mobile...

Android 5.1.1 Lollipop x86 for PC

Download Android 5.1.1 Lollipop fo PCs Key Features The 5.1-rc1 release is based on the Android 5.1.1_r24. We added many x86 specified code and fixed issues to let the system runs...
BlackPhone 2 : Ultra Secure Android Phone Now Available

Black Phone 2 : Ultra Secure Android Phone Now Available

Want an Ultra Secure Android Phone  ?? Your wait is over. Silent Circle has opened orders for the Blackphone 2 in North America today. Get the 2nd Gen Blackphone featuring...

How to View Old Notifications in Android?

Go to your Android home screen. Tap the apps icon. Switch to the widgets tab. Tap...

How to Play Android Games on PC?

Android is one of the best mobile operating system around especially with the array of various apps and services it provides users. But not everyone has access to an...

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