Did you even had trouble with Network Manager or ifconfig and felt that you need to try to set up static IP address from command line / CLI ifconfig? I accidentally removed Gnome (my bad, wasn’t paying attention and did an apt-get autoremove -y .. how bad is that.. ) So I had a problem, I can’t connect to Internet to reinstall my Gnome Network Manager cause I’m in TEXT mode. Similarly I broke my network manager cause I was trying to use VPN and it just wouldn’t come back. I tried reinstalling it, but you need Internet for that. So here’s a small guide for that you can setup IP address and networking from Linux Command Line or CLI. You’ll be able to  browse it from your mobile device and make things work.

How to fix Wired Network interface is Unmanaged error in Debian or Kali Linux - 7 - blackMORE Ops

Firstly STOP and START Networking service

Some people would argue restart would work, but I prefer STOP-START to do a complete rehash. Also if it’s not working already, why bother?

STOP and START Network-Manager

If you have some other network manager (i.e. wicd, then start stop that one).


Just for the kicks, following is what restart would do.. similar I still prefer stop/start combination.

Now to bring up your interface:

Now lets set IP, subnet mask, broadcast address.

Let check the outcome:

and try to ping Google.com (cause if google.com is down, Internet is broken).

Ah Internet is broken. Maybe not! So what went wrong in our side.

Simple, we didn’t add any default Gateway. Let’s do that

and Just to confirm:

Looks good to me, lets ping google.com again:



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