Hello friends, we know you are enjoying my tricks daily. Today, I am talking about how to display your desktop inside VLCPlayer. Past i posted a very funny and interesting trick how to Make Matrix Effect with Notpad and Use Browser as Text Editor very visitors would like this tricks so much, buttoday’s trick is also very intersting and funny trick. In this trick you would able
to show your desktop in your VLC Player. This trick is also usefull for amaze your friends. In this way of trick you amaze your buddies. This trick is very easy to use. So follow our instructions to Display your desktop inside your VLC Player.

Display Desktop Inside VLC Player :

Step 1) First of all, you need to open your VLC Player.

Step 2) Now Press Ctrl + N from your keyboard.

Step 3) Now type Screen://

Step 4) Click on Play Button.

Step 5) Now you will display your desktop in your VLC Player.

Step 6) You can press Pause to stop that.

In this way you display desktop in VLC Player, Enjoy 😉

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