Hello Friends, today i’m talking about how todownload and runbacktrack 5 on android devices. Also Read :How to Download and Install BackTrack in Windows. BackTrack is a Linux-based penetration testing arsenal that aids security professionals in the ability to perform assessments in a purely native environment dedicated to Hacking.

Download and Run Backtrack on Android Devices:


File Setup:
You need to do this only once,

  • 1. Download the files from the links provided in this thread.
  • 2. Extract the files using 7zip to a temporary
     (needs 3.3GB free on that drive)
  • 3. Connect your SGS2 to PC and mount USB storage.
  • 4. Create a folder named ‘bt‘ (without quotes) in the root of your sdcard and copy the bt.img in that folder.
  • 5. Also place the file bt5_sgs2_shell_scripts_v2.zip in root of sdcard, this file has to be flashed via recovery.
  • 6. Once you verify that the above is correct then un-mount usb storage.
  • 7. Reboot into recovery and flash the file bt5_sgs2_shell_scripts_v2.zip stored in root of sdcard (or if you are using 4 app then just select the file for flashing and the app will do the rest)
  • 8. once ur phone reboots into OS just check the /sdcard/bt folder.
  • 9. Final directory structure should look like this:
  • /sdcard/bt/bt /sdcard/bt/bt.img /sdcard/bt/installbt.sh /sdcard/bt/startbt/sdcard/bt/stopbt

  • 10. Once you verify that the above is correct then you can proceed.

Launch BackTrack 5:

 1. Start Terminal Emulator app on your SGS2 and enter the following commands step by step (accept/allow any SuperUser request/popup that you may receive)
sh installbt.sh

2. Now you are in BackTrack5 shell.

3. To launch GUI (vncserver) enter the command ui.

now note the number N shown localhost:N
e.g. as u can see from the above image that “New ‘X’ desktop is localhost:1“, so N=1
the vncserver is running at (5900 + N, N=1 ; so server port is 5901)

4. Now launch androidVNC app on phone and fill in the detials as follows:
Nick : bt
Address :
Port : 5901
Password : 12345678
Username : <leave it blank>
Color Format : 24-bit color (4 bpp)

Inside vnc window select input mode (i personally recommend the following)
TouchPad (here your screen works like a big touchpad use it to navigate mouse.)

5. Then press connect, now you are in BackTrack GUI!

6.if you want to exit/close BT5 then u need to follow these steps:

close the androidVNC app (Menu > Disconnect)
Go back into Terminal Emulator app and enter the following commands
you should be at this shell root@localhost:~#

now you will get back to this shell> #
now enter the following commands to stop bt and exit

you can now exit the Terminal Emulator app
i would also recommend that u reboot your android phone.

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