Bing Gallery offers High Definition Wallpapers but with a watermark . Here is Guide how to download Bing Wallpapers in High Quality without any watermark.

  1. Open Firefox and navigate to Wallpapaers Download (1)
  2. Click the image you like so it will open.Bing Wallpapaers Download (2)
  3. Right click the black area with the image description and select “inspect element”.Bing Wallpapaers Download (3)
  4. Inspector tool will open at the bottom of the browser. There, click the element called “detailImageContainer”:Bing Wallpapaers Download (4)
  5. Expand it and copy the URL of the “detailImage” element:Bing Wallpapaers Download (5)
  6. Paste the URL you copied into the browser address bar and remove the first two backslashes.
  7. Now, press Enter and you will get the full image without the Bing watermark.Bing Wallpapaers Download (6)

There is also aweb site which stores the Bing wallpaper archive. As an option, it also hosts images without watermarks!

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