Microsoft, the software giant  rolled out new ISOs for insiders that allow them to  clean install Windows 10 build 10565 from scratch, helping them prevent any bug that might be caused during the upgrade or simply start fresh with this particular version.

You can activate this version by your Genuine Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 Key

The new ISOs are available in both x64 and x86 versions and come in 3.72 GB and 2.81 GB packages, respectively, available to download here.

With all of these being said, you can proceed to download the Windows 10 build 10565 ISO x64 or x86, depending on your PC configuration.



  1. Messaging, Phone and Video have been added as new default apps
  2. Edge now shows tab previews and can sync favorites and reading lists
  3. Pressing the middle button on the Edge icon will open a new window
  4. Install apps on other drives
  5. The titlebar colors are now more vibrant
  6. Some icons have been replaced (including Register Editor)
  7. Windows 10 can now be activate with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 keys




  1. Task view has been added
  2. Suppport for multiple desktops
  3. Task view replaced the App Switcher
  4. Windows Apps apps now can run on the desktop
  5. Aero Snap has been updated
    • You can now snap up to 4 windows
    • When you snap a window and resize it, then snap another window to the other side, it will fill up the left screen instead of half the screen
    • When snapping an app, Windows will prompt a overview of other running apps to snap along with Snap Assist
  6. Windows Apps now can create a shortcut on the desktop or any ohter folder
  7. You can now pin the Recycle Bin to the taskbar
  8. You can now scroll in windows by pointing the cursor to it
  9. When used on a touch enabled device, the icons in the notification area have more space
  10. Windows has a new iconset
  11. You can now choose to display all active apps from all desktops in the taskbar, or only the apps that are on the current desktop
  12. The Action Center icon has been added to the taskbar
  13. There is now a search bar and Task View button on the taskbar by default
  14. Multiple animations have been altered
  15. There are new default wallpapers


  1. The start menu has been added with support for Live Tiles
  2. Continuum is now available
  3. The Start grid has been improved
  4. The Start screen grid now scrolls vertically
  5. Tiles no longer use a gradient and border
  6. It is now possible to resize the start menu
  7. It’s now possible for Windows Apps to have a tile color that matches the accent color
  8. Tiles for Win32 apps no longer take a color based on the icon of that tile, but follows the accent color
  9. The start menu now can be made transparent
  10. Support for jumplists
  11. You can now click on a letter to show all letters and navigate faster
  12. You can now pin tiles by draging apps from the “All apps” list to the start screen
  13. You can now put the PC to sleep with the power button in start
  14. Folders now have an arrow to indicate that they contain a dropdown
  15. Recently installed apps are now displayed on the top of the all apps list
  16. Tiles can now be changed (format, etc) with touch, similar to Windows Phone


  1. The Windows interface has been redesigned
  2. Dialogs in WinRT are now windowed
  3. The Charms bar has been removed
  4. The start button now has a smaller Windows logo and a new hover design
  5. When clicking on the network icon, a new window shows up to manage your connection
  6. The battery status popup has been updated
  7. The login screen has been redesigned
  8. Loading screens for Restarting, Shutting down, etc. have been redesigned
  9. The taskbar is now dark by default
  10. You can now enable and disable the color of the taskbar and startscreen
  11. There is a new calendar fly-out for the system tray
  12. The notification center now takes on the color you’ve choosen for windows and the taskbar
  13. Windows no longer take on a color and are now always gray
  14. Propertie windows have received a visual update


  1. Action Center
    • The Action Center has been added
    • You can now change quick settings in the Action Center
    • Notifications now can contain actions
    • A swipe from the right now opens the Action Center
    • Quick settings can now contain more settings
    • Notifications have received a new design
  2. Cortana has been added
  3. Windows + C now opens Cortana instead of the Charms bar
  4. OneDrive now uses selective sync, no more Smart Files
  5. The virtual keyboard now shows AutoComplete suggestions
  6. It’s easier to connect to wireless audio and video devices
  7. ALT+TAB now opens a view that’s merged with the Task View
  8. Classic Calculator has been removed
  9. Backup & restore has been readded from Windows 7
  10. “Play to” has been renamed “Cast to Device”
  11. Command prompt
    • Standarized key shortcuts
    • Selecting text is now possible
    • Past from clipboard is now possible
    • Text wrap can be altered on resize
    • Leading zeros can now be trimmed in selections
    • You can alter the opacity of the window between 30 and 100 procent
  12. Touch gestures on a touchpad are now build in and universal across all Windows devices
  13. Improvements to multi monitor support have been made
  14. “System compression” has been added to Disk Cleanup as a new option
  15. You can now choose the default folder for File Explorer
  16. You can now print to PDF natively
  17. Windows Hello
    • Support for loging in with face recognition
    • Support for loging in with fingerprints
    • Support for loging in with eye scan
    • “Passport” will replace passwords
  18. Win32 apps can no longer ask to change the default app for any file format and have to use the methode used by Windows Apps
  19. You can now install apps from and move apps to an SD card
  20. Context menus now have a touch-friendly design when using a touch screen (and a redesign in general)
  21. The Text Input canvas has been improved

File Explorer

  1. Home is the new default location
  2. An “Add to favorites” button has been added under “Start” in the ribbon
  3. An “Share” button has been added under “Share” in the ribbon
    • You can now share files from within the File Explorer with compatible Windows Apps

Microsoft Edge

  1. Microsoft Edge is the new default browser, replacing Internet Explorer
  2. You can now draw on web-pages
  3. Comments can now be added to web-pages (like Office)
  4. Reading Mode is now build-in for desktops
  5. Reading List is now build-in
  6. Cortana is now build-in
  7. Support for HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript (ECMAScript 2015) has been improved
  8. Support for HTTP/2 has been added
  9. You can now find your downloads in the download manager
  10. You can now open Internet Explorer from within Edge
  11. The “Add to” dialogue has been improved
  12. You can now save PDFs you opened in the browser
  13. Improved performance for the Chakra Javascript-engine
  14. Public Suffix List is now used for interoperable Top Level Domain parsing
  15. Experimental Features Dashboard has been added under about:flags
  16. There is a new Internet Explorer-like New tabs page
  17. There is a new New tabs page
  18. Pages that are using sound now show this in their tab
  19. The User Agent String has been altered
  20. F12 developer tools
    • New and improved Network Tools
    • HTML and CSS Pretty Printing support
    • Async Callstacks for Events and Timers
    • Sourcemaps for Styles and in the Memory Profiler
    • Find references and Go To Definitions
    • And many other changes


  1. Touching a textbox in the desktop will now auto start the onscreen keyboard
  2. Swiping down from the screens edge will show an apps titlebar
  3. Win32 apps now also use gestures
  4. When tablet mode is enabled, the Windows, Search/Cortana and Task view icons get bigger (the actual icons, not just the space arround them)
  5. The taskbar is now always visible by default


  1. Build-in mkv-file support
  2. Build-in hvec-file support
  3. System-wide support for the FLAC & ALAC audio formats


  1. The installation and OOBE UI have been updated
  2. The installation now shows a percentage that is a total of the full installation, rather then a percentage for each step
  3. Cortana, Edge, Groove and other apps now gets introduced during installation
  4. It’s now more clear how to make a new Microsoft Account, or how to use a local account

Build-in apps

We will no longer cover changes to build-in apps other then Microsoft Edge as this is almost impossible to keep track off and updates to these apps aren’t bound to any version of Windows. And in case you do want to know the differences between the build-in Windows 8.1 and build-in Windows 10 apps: they are basically all redone.

And futher

  1. The Windows kernel major version number changed from version 6.3 to 10.0
  2. IE is no longer a default pinned item on the taskbar and is replaced by “Project Spartan”‘s globe icon
  3. Support for the Persian calendar

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