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This is guide how to DUAL BOOT UBUNTU 15.04 with WINDOWS XP. This guide works same with all Ubuntu Flavours like unity, Mate, or any other, also this guide works for almost any other Linux Distro which is Debian Based Like Kali-Linux, Linux Mint.

This tutorial is a part of series [ Installing Operating Systems ], check more OS install details on this link.

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Check picture slide show and follow steps carefully.

  1. Boot with CD-ROM or USB Bootable Disk.
  3. From the Application list select Gparted .
  4. Now you have to Set the partition structure   for Dual Boot Ubuntu – Windows 7.
  5. Make some Free Space if you dont have by re-sizing partitions, or select the partition if you already have free.
  6. Format the partition to ext4.
  7. Now apply changes made in gparted by the green tick.
  8. From Apps menu select First option to install Ubuntu Gnome 15.04.
  9. Select The language of your choice, Mine is English.
  10. In the installation type select something Else that is last option.
  11. Now select the partition we chosen in Gparted formatted with ext4.
  12. click change button, set it ext4, format it, mount point as — /  .
  13. Now click next and proceed, confirm all the options.
  14. If you have a good amount of ram say 4GB you can always continue without swap area.
  15. Select your Location, Mine is India.
  16. Next select Keyboard Layout you prefer.
  17. Next us typing your username , computer name & password.
  18. Click continue to install.
  19. Now wait for installationo to Finish.
  20. After setup click Restart.
  21. Select From Ubuntu or Windows Boot Loader like Windows XP from the GRUB boot menu.
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