How to fix broken Menu in Kali Linux

If you have a broken menu in Kali Linux, for example,

  1. You deleted menu items
  2. You reordered them and now want the old menu back
  3. You accidentally dragged one into another
  4. You renamed them
  5. You removed some applications and can’t remember which one
  6. You want to reinstall missing packages

type in the followings in your terminal:

Remove and purge Kali-Menu

apt-get remove --purge kali-menu && apt-get clean

Remove local applications in your profile

rm -rf .local/share/applications

Remove Kali Menus from .config

rm -rf .config/menus

Reboot your machine


Reinstall Kali-Menu

apt-get install kali-menu -y

If this doesn’t solve the menu problem, only then move to next step.

Reinstall Kali-linux-full

apt-get install kali-linux-full -y

Now your broken menu in Kali Linux should be back in order.

Note: MATE Desktop users needs additional steps to fix Kali Linux Menu. Follow the link below:

How to install/remove MATE Desktop Environment in Kali Linux

If you wan’t to install/remove different desktop environments, follow this link:

How to install/remove different Desktop Environment or Window Manager in Kali Linux 1.x

Follow next article to switch to another desktop permanently. (make default) How to permanently switch Desktop Environments

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