Today, i am talking about how to backup and transfer contacts in Android. It is good idea to backup your Android’s contacts before updating your Android’s software, but if you are not doing this, unluckly you should loose all contacts. It is not easy or direct method to backup your Android‘s contacts. But i find a trick to backup your Android‘s contacts. It is very simple because of Googleand Android operating system is made in such a way that Android phone linked with the google. Google already backed up your android contacts.

How to Backup Android Contacts:

Step 1) Go your Android phone settings.

Step 2) Now find tab which says Backup and reset.

Step 3) Now Click on Backup tab.

Now your Android phone’s contacts backed up.

How to Import Your Contacts:

Step 1) Go your Gmail account.

Step 2) In upper left side of your gmail choose on Contacts.

3. Open Contacts Tab and your contacts should appear.

Another Way to Import/Export Contacts:

Step 1) Open your contacts.

Step 2) Now press menu button.

Step 3) Now a new window will be open, choose on Import/Export contacts.

So in this way you backup your android phone’s contacts.
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