Today, i am talking about how to backup and transfer contacts in iPhone. It is good idea to backup your Android’s contacts before updating your Android’s software, but if you are not doing this, unluckly you should loose all contacts. It is not easy or direct method to backup your iPhone’s contacts. But i find a trick to backup your iPhone’s contacts. My Contacts Backup is a application for iPhone used to backup contacts. This My Contacts Backup application is really very easy and perfect. Simply search this app on your App store. Anyway, I provide a direct link to download this application. My Contacts Backup is completely freeapplication to download.

How to Download and Install:

 To download this My Contacts Backup application for iPhone, go below link to download,
Download My Contacts Backup, After download, simply install thisapplication in your iPhone and after installing this My Contacts Backupapplication open it. After that some ads are running on this application don’t worry about anything. Now click Backup to starting backup your contacts, next new option Email to be displayed. Now click Email to email your contacts.

How to Import Your Contacts:

Now install your contacts in your iPhone you need open your email which contains your contacts, now go to attachments, click on .vcf file. Now you shown and asking add all contacts on your iPhone

Transfer Your Contacts:

You also transfer your iPhone‘s contacts in another iPhone. For this just open your email which contains contacts, now go to attachments, click on .vcffile. Now you shown and asking add all contacts on your iPhone

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