Context Menu 9
New Menu Item in Extended Conetxt Menu

Extended Context Menu“. Menu appearing upon right Click on an item is called context Menu, Now extended Context Menu is little advance form of Context Menu, can be accessed by press and hold SHIFT key and then right-click on an item.

Extended context menu feature is present in Windows released after Windows Vista such as Windows 7 and Windows 8, Windows 10.

The Normal Context Menu is as Screenshot Below:

Context Menu 1

Number of items might be different for different systems.

Now try for Extended Context Menu. Press and hold SHIFT key and then right-click on an item and select “Send To” menu. We see many other shortcuts present in the menu as shown in following screenshot:

Context Menu 2


You can see in the above screenshot, there are several extra shortcuts present in “Extended Send To” menu such as  Downloads, Favorites, etc.

The normal “Send To” menu can be customized by opening “SendTo” folder and there you can add or remove desired shortcuts.

To Edit “SendTo” folder, open RUN type shell:sendto
Send To Folder will Open
Context Menu 3

The default shortcuts are shown here. You can add more shortcuts here.
Here is How To Customize Extended Context Menu

Now you can add new shortcuts to “Extended Send To” menu as well as remove existing shortcuts from “Extended Send To” menu.

  1. The extra Shortcuts in “Extended Send To” are taken from user Profile Folder. To check:

Type %userprofile% or . (yes, a single dot) in RUN dialog box and press Enter.

Context Menu 4

These are same as the shortcuts in Extended Context Menu.

2. Want add a new item to “Extended Send To” menu, simply create a shortcut of it in your user profile folder.

Check Extended Context Menu Again

New Menu Item in Extended Conetxt Menu
New Menu Item in Extended Conetxt Menu

3. If you want to remove a shortcut from “Extended Send To” menu, simply delete it from your user profile folder.

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