Hello Friends, Today I am back with a new facebook trick how to delete or remove last name as well as middle name of your facebook profile, and make single name facebook profile. Recently I posted very intersting facebook trick how to find out who visited your facebook profile,   Get free talktime with signup for facebook. But the facebook did not allow to delete last name of your
facebook profile. I have a trick to make your facebook profile without last name. This trick is working fine today.
So get this trick 🙂

How to Delete Last name in Facebook Profile :

Step 1) First of all, you need to Open Firefox browser.

Step 2) Now Go : – http://hidemyass.com/proxy-list/

Step 3) Now choose any Indonesia Proxy and Copy IP address and Port.

Step 4) Now Go Firefox > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings.

Step 5) Now paste your IP address and Port and mark Use this proxy server for all protocols.

Step 6) Click on OK.

Step 7) Now Open your facebook profile Account Settings.

Step 8) Now Change your facebook account language,
    Choose Bahasa Indonesia.

Step 9) Click Save Changes.

Step 10) Now Click on Edit to edit your name.

Step 11) Now delete your last name in Last Name tab, enter your password and Click on Save Settings.

Done !

In this way you delete last name in your facebook profile. If you don’t believe this type of trick, Check My Profile. Enjoy friends.

Step 12) After that you should defaults your firefox browser settings, now going Firefox > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings > Mark Use system proxy settings

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