USB Block

USB Devices are widely used today, many in form of components , or Storage Devices, USB Disk , Pen Drives. Many of you would like to Disable USB Devices, Storage specially to be protected from Data Theft or Virus or Malicious programs .

Tutorial is in two parts:

  • USB storage device is not installed in system
  • USB storage device is already installed in system

Follow these Steps  if USB Device is not installed previously in system

1. in RUN type  %windir%/inf to open inf folder i Windows folder.

USB block 1

2. Select the following two files:

  • usbstor.inf
  • usbstor.pnf
    USB block 2

3. Change User access permissions for both files as follows.

Right-click on the file and select “Properties“. In the “Security” tab select the user or group in “Group or user names” list which you want to restrict from using USB drives. In “Permissions for Users” list, click on “Deny” checkbox next to “Full control” option and then click on OK.


USB block 3

4. That’s it. Now users will not be able to install any USB storage device in system.

If the USB Device is already installed in system

1. In RUN type regedit and press Enter. Now go to:


USB block 4

2. In right pane, change value of “Start” to 4.

3. Thats Done.  Even if USB Device is installed Windows won’t detect it and it’ll not be shown in My Computer.

NOTE: If you want to revert it back to default, then change the value of “Start” to 3.


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