Developer Hamza Sood recently tweeted a screenshot of the debug settings for the Maps app in iOS 7.
He also revealed that you can enable it by adding ”DebugPanelEnabled” key to maps preferences ( and activate it with a tap on the status bar.

The debug settings allow you to change the instruction strings, and enable debugging for various performance and network related parameters in the Maps app, which Apple Engineers probably use while testing.
The settings don’t appear to be useful from an end user point of view, but we know many of you would love to play around with the settings, so check out the video tutorial by GadgetUnit embedded below, which shows you how to enable the debug settings for the Maps app in iOS 7.
Here’s a screenshot of the Map app with the debug enabled.
You will need an application like iBackupBot, which is available for free for Mac OS X and Windows to access the iTunes backup.

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