VLC Player Not Opening On Kali Linux Fix

VLC player encountered a problem while opening on Kali Linux 2.0.  VLC refused to open as root user. Here is How to Fix VLC not Opening on Kali Linux 2.0. Also Check Video Tutorial @ end of Post
Lets First Open VLC to confirm
Didn’t Open !!!
See how to Fix this Easily

  1. Open terminal and Type the following command followed by Enter
  2. hexeditor /usr/bin/vlc
  3. Now Press ctrl+w to open search Box and press enter type geteuid and press enter
  4. Press tab button
  5. now type –     getppid
  6. press ctrl+x to save this.
  7. /usr/bin/vlc      Let the file name be unchanged and press enter    .
    Now try opening VLC media Player
    WOW !!! It now works fine.


Open Terminal and type

sed -i 's/geteuid/getppid/g' /usr/bin/vlc

VLC Player in Kali is now Fixec


  1. it worked and it didn’t work here 😉 the above allows me to see it, but its interface is HUGE, like it’s set for 640X480 it’s bigger than my display, have to drag vlc window around in order to see it all. loll Wonder if it’s because I ave two 42″ Samsungs connected?? both are at 1920X1080 off the proprietary Nvidia drivers, its a GTX650 Ti (Also CUDA & toolkit installed) everythings been updated, kali linux (Gnome Version 3.26.2)
    Other issue is it still won’t start from the applications menu if I click on the ol Traffic cone, Terminal only, and closing Terminal closes VLC. Still better than what I had..(squat) Thanks for that handy tip Mr Kumar,
    Whirled Peas,

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