Have you recently migrated your wordpres installation or changed table prefix and facing errors in accessing wp-admin area dashboard after you enter login credentials being redirected to homepage.
Just a simple trick will fix your wordpress install.
lets suppose your previous table prefix was wp_ and you changed to ethicalhackx_
lets fix this.

Open phpmyadmin from your cpanel of webhosting.
Go to the current wordpress database where wordpress is installed.
In SQL query tab in the database type the following SQL Query

SELECT * FROM `ethicalhackx_options` WHERE `option_name` LIKE '%wp_%'

NOTE: The above query ethicalhackx_ is current table after you have changed table peefix from wp_ to ethicalhackx_ and %wp_% : wp_ is old table prefix, this also applies to second SQL Query which we will be executing.
from the results that come up, replace wp_ to ethicalhackx_

Again run another Query from SQL tab

SELECT * FROM `ethicalhackx_usermeta` WHERE `meta_key` LIKE '%wp_%'


You will again get a few rows as result , just replace wp_ with ethicalhackx_

Thats it, now after loging in to your WordPress Dashboard wp-admin you wont be redirected to homepage instead of wp-admin Dashboard

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