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Learn to Hack Windows XP Login Password, and become Administrator on Windows XP PC.

Hacking Windows XP passwords involves messing with the windows SAM file that has Passwords stored in NTLM Hash. SO we use a utility that can edit SAM.

If you want to hack Windows XP Passwords Easily, Just follow the below steps carefully and you can hack Any Windows Operating System Password in 30 seconds. Check Pics Below To understand Clearly

Download Offline NT Password Registry Editor  From Here 


You can download the Both CD / USB Image, Open Read-me for instructions.

For those whom the new version (16 MB) isn’t booting download old version (4 MB) .

For CD Image Burn it, For USB Read instructions Below.

  1. Extract and copy files on a FAT32 formatted USB-Disk
  2. Open Command Prompt (Admin Privileges) and type the following commands suppose your disk is G:
    syslinux.exe -ma G:
  3. Done, Now boot with CD /USB-Disk.
  4. Press Enter at the first prompt where it writes Boot:.
  5. Select the Disk where Windows is installed, Here Disk 2.
  6. If it was not properly shutdown it will ask conformation to force change or else will display relative SAM file path which is by default [ Windows/system32/config ]
  7. Press 1 to select password Reset ( SAM ) .
  8. Again Press 1 To Edit user data.
  9. Select the user by typing name listed above and edit user.
    And Press 1 in n ext step to clear User Password.
    Press 3 To promote user to Administrator.
  10. When you done for the Account you wanted , Now quit by small q.
  11. It will ask for conformation before writing files, Press y. and Enter.
  12. Again press n for no new run, Press Reset button or Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart.
  13. WOW, You Just hacked Windows XP Passwords.

This is simplest way to Hack Windows Passwords, I will update more ways to Hack Windows


Update: Check How to hack Windows Online Account Login Here

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Below is a Video Guide on How To Hack Windows XP using Active Disk & Other Password Recovery Boot Disk.

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