Lets Learn How to install / Host DVWA
Damn Vulnerable Web Application (DVWA)
pentest lab on Localhost WAMP

  1.  Download DVWA from it’s Website
  2. Download & Install WAMP server from http://www.wampserver.com/en/
  3. Next Extract the content of DVWA Package
  4. Copy the Files of DVWA Package paste it in folder in www folder under your installation path of wamp which is usually – C:wampwwwdvwa
    Here dvwa folder is created in www, you can create with any name.
  5. Configure DVWA setup.
    Open Config folder at C:wampwwwdvwa
    Edit config.inc file.
  6. Following is required :
    our database name (use any name you want: i use DVWA)
    database host is localhost
    database user is root ( this is Default databse user )
    password is blank that is erase everything between ''
    save the file and proceed.
  7. Open Browser ( assumed wamp already running).
  8. Type the following address
  9. Click on create Database.
  10. To Login and start using DVWA Lab
    open localhost/dvwa/
    default login is
    username — admin
    password—- password
  11. Keep Learning.Here is Video Guide on How To Host / Install DVWA Pentest lab on WAMP Server


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