Hello Friends, i’m talking about the way to increase battery life on android. In recently each one have android phones and therefore the main downside is battery life on most of the android phones suck. Most of these android phones with only few exceptions will go only for 8-9 hours of moderate use. Android phone can only be considered smart when it gives more battery back up. I am going to show important steps to extend your android battry life. You further more may extend the battery level on android devices. Past range of years there has been exponential increase in processing power, camera technology, Android OS, show technology but battery technology goes neglected most of the time, it’s going to result to manufactures not wanting the device to be vital and hulky and part thanks to no new technology initiating for batteries. however below unit of measurement few factor that you simply just wanna do to extend your battery life.

1) Disable WIFI When No Needed :
Wifi and information affiliation square measure the main reason for android battery evacuation. So you’ll extend the battery life by the correct usauge of wifi and information connections. Disable the wifi and information affiliation once ever its not in use. Make sure that wifi is off once ever you place the mobile down.this saves the half-hour of your android battery life.

2) Don’t Sync Data :When ever you login to any android accont please don’t set the information to phone. Syncing the information can decrease the battery life as a result of it will be running each second within the background. You need to off the Syn for this go settings > acconts syncand extend a number of your battery life simply.

3) Close Background Applications :
Though the mobile is kept while not using the battery battery will decrease attributable to back running application. You can extend a number of the battery life by closing the back running applications. To shut the back runningapplication head to settings > applications > running services and fore close the running services.

4) Remove Unwanted Applications :
Larege range of applications in android device may also drain the battery level thus unistall the application that aren’t required This can save the battery lifetime of your android phones. In order to uninstall the applicationmove to setting > application > manage application now choose the unwanted application and click on uninstall.

5) Keep in Airplane Mode When Not in Use :
Device standby uses the seventieth of the battery life due to the signal radiation passing to decrease this you’ll be able to use aeroplane mode. But you can’t place your mobile in aeroplane mode for whole day as a result of you’ll receive any vital decision or message. But you’ll be able to keep your mobile in offline mode once ever you head to sleep or whenever you recognize that you just dont get any calls. This is the nice methods to increase your extend battery level terribly simply.

Now in these ways you increase battery life on android, i hope you like this post and don’t forget to share this post. If you face any problem comment below,

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