How To Install Kernel 4.1.4 on Linux ( UBUNTU / Mint)

Linux kernel 4.8 is here with
AMDGPU OverDrive Support – The open-source AMD Linux driver stack supports overclocking!

Initial NVIDIA Pascal Support – Nouveau has initial support for Pascal GPUs, but unfortunately no support for the consumer GeForce GTX 1060/1070/1080 graphics cards.

HDMI CEC – The HDMI CEC framework with Linux 4.8 this framework is finally there.

Raspberry Pi 3 SoC – The Broadccom BCM2837 SoC is supported by the mainline Linux 4.8 kernel.

Btrfs ENOSPC Rework – For users of the Btrfs file-system, a big rework happened for this release.

Security Improvements – New features like hardened usercopy protection and ASLR for kernel memory sections and /dev/random improvements.

For 64-Bit Systems



Install The Downloaded Linux Headers .deb Files

$ sudo dpkg -i 'linux-headers-4.8*.deb' 'linux-image-4.8*.deb


For 32Bit Systems

$ wget
$ wget
$ wget


Install The Downloaded Linux Header .deb files

$ sudo dpkg -i 'linux-headers-4.8*.deb' 'linux-image-4.8*.deb

Atfer install complete, update grub and reboot your computer and choose new kernel in grub :

# sudo update-grub


Reboot System
sudo reboot

To Uninstall Linux Kernel 4.8
sudo apt-get remove ‘linux-headers-4.8‘ ‘linux-image-4.8


  1. hey abhinav iam not able to install d Linux Header .deb files.cannot access archive: No such file or directory it shows,please send me feedback for recomplishment.

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