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Installing Windows 7 Step by Step guide. If you ever thought installing windows was a trouble Job, Let me prove you wrong. Learn Installing windows from below pictures and video Guide.

Creating Bootable disk Guide –
Windows 7 Bootable ISO

Follow The Steps Carefully

  1. Set Computer to boot from DVD or USB Bootable Disk. Select your install media DVD / USB from the boot menu. It asks Press any key to boot from CD/DVD, do it to start installation
  2. Now the setup Starts with the following Logo of windows 7 Splash screen.Windows 7 x64-2015-07-12-15-25-42
  3. Select your Setup Language and keyboard layout from the box that appears next.
  4. Windows 7 x64-2015-07-12-15-26-27Click Install Now to begin the installation of Windows 7.
    Windows 7 x64-2015-07-12-15-26-35
  5. This screen is optional as it doesnot appears in MSDN ISO image, select the version you want to install.Windows 7 x64-2015-07-12-15-27-02
  6. Accept the License Agreement to continue setup.Windows 7 x64-2015-07-12-15-27-12
  7. Next screen we get option to either upgrade from existing windows XP install or install fresh clean install of Windows 7. I go with Clean Install.Windows 7 x64-2015-07-12-15-27-18
  8. Partition screen, Select the Partition on which you want to install Windows. Create if required, Format it. I have created partitions From blank Hard disk.Windows 7 x64-2015-07-12-15-27-47
  9. Windows 7 x64-2015-07-12-15-27-59
  10. Select the partition and click next to begin Copying of Windows on your Hard disk.Windows 7 x64-2015-07-12-15-28-05
  11. Enter the Username & Computer Name on Next screen when promoted.Windows 7 x64-2015-07-12-17-06-59
  12. Enter the password for the Username you created in previous step, this is first step of protection for you.Windows 7 x64-2015-07-12-17-08-50
  13. Select automatic update if you have a god internet connection, this updates your computer for security bugs and important hot-fixes.Windows 7 x64-2015-07-12-17-09-09
  14. Select your time-zone and review if the dates & Times is set correct.Windows 7 x64-2015-07-12-17-09-16
  15. Click next and Hold on , wait to get started.

Windows 7 x64-2015-07-12-17-09-23Windows 7 x64-2015-07-12-17-11-47

Windows 7 x64-2015-07-12-17-13-08
Windows 7 x64-2015-07-12-17-13-25Here is Video Guide on How to Install Windows 7

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