The Pen Drive that often we encounter , Creates a autorun.ini for itself which executes when we double click on it. It hides every file in a invisible folder and place new shortcut links which is  usually another executable of .exe format or .lnk or .scr file. These cause a great inconvenience and data loss, So here is how to make things right.

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  • Open -> Run -> cmd.
  • Navigte to  to your pen drive, memory cards or mobile phone directory.
    in CMD type Z: and press enter
  • Type del *.lnk (to delete all link files in the directory)
  • Type attrib -h -r -s /s /d Z:*.*
  • Replace Z with drive letter.
  • And then press  Enter.
  • This makes all files visible and you are now able to delete them .
  • del *.lnk
  • Now to remove the shortcuts from pen-drive , Check the size of any One or Few Shortcuts, all be same.
  • Delete suspicious files, on errror check task manager for process with same name or any suspicious process and end it.
  • Open Explorer and right Click on Pen-drive , Click Open.
  • Search with Advance Search for all files of same size in Pen-drive.
  • Select All and Delete
  • NOTE 1: This is based on your understanding to remove all such files, like sometimes inWindows XP era file types of .exe .lnk .scr and more were created by the virus . So take a note to delete all such files by the step 5, step7, step 7.

    NOTE 2: Never Open Removable disk by double click, Disable Autorun Of Disks For Your Computer.

    NOTE 3: Its a benefit for Linux user to use such pen-drives without fear as these wont affect Linux system since executable of windows and Linux are different, so if you use one such system with Dual boot or Linux only , prefer opening first on Linux only to avoid infection.