Hidden File extension 2

In Windows the default file extensions are hidden to make better user experience. This can be changed by Folder Option in control panel ( windows 8.1 and below) & Folder option accessed via Explorer under Views tab in Windows 10.

Hidden File extension 2

With this option most of the file extensions are shown or hidden. But is advised to disable as this is very often a security risk, file types are masked so to spread virus or Trojans often.

Even you disable to ide Extensions for file types still a few file extensions which are not shown in Windows Explorer. These file extensions LNK, URL, PIF, etc.

Windows uses built-in Registry key called “NeverShowExt” to hide these file extensions.

Following list few extensions which are always hidden:

  1. SCF  (Windows Explorer Command)
  2. SHS (Shell Scrap Object)
  3. SHB (Document Shortcut)
  4. XNK (Exchange Folder Shortcut)
  5. LNK (File/Folder Shortcut)
  6. URL (Internet Shortcut)
  7. PIF (MS-DOS Program Shortcut)

How to show all file extensions even super hidden file extensions in Windows

Just delete NeverShowExt string  in Windows Registry for all those super hidden file types and you’ll be able to see all file extensions in Windows.

Screenshot (15)

1. Launch RUN dialog box. Type regedit and press Enter. It’ll open Registry Editor.

2. Go to Edit -> Find .

3. Type f in find text box and press Enter.

Screenshot (13)

You’ll find several occurrence of NeverShowExt string in Registry but delete the string only for desired keys.

4. Select NeverShowExt string present in right-side pane and press Delete key to delete it. Press F3 key and it’ll search for the next occurrence of NeverShowExt string.

5. When you finish deleting the NeverShowExt string from registry, restart Windows .


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