Hello Friends, Today i am gonna to show how to speed up your android phone. In these days everyone have android phones some users face different types of problems, some face problems about slow speed of android phone. But don’t worry I find some tips to speed up your android phone. Nobody wants to slow speed of android phone and
eveyone wants to speed up android phone. Previsouly, I shared some android tips and tricks check out the Android category. Last time I posted some top calling apps for android. I think you tried someapplication to speed up your android phone. But today i gonna show some best apps with you can optimize your android phone for high speed. Mostly reason of slow speed of your android phone is lot of cache and unwanted apps running that use the ram of your android continuously and its slow your android mobile. If you speed up your android phone, follow below steps,

How to Speed Up Android Phone :

1) Use ZDbox :
Some cache or junk files slows your android phone speed this is due to these unwanted files used your phone’s ram so it cause your phone gets slow down. This app ZDbox is very useful to speed up your android phone and have many features. With the use of this app use close all running apps in one click. You also delete unwanted apps or disable unused apps. You need to download thisapp from below link and transfer this app in your android phone and install it.

2) Use Advanced Mobile Care :
This is very useful app to speed up your android phone and i always use this app to speed up my android phone. This app is most essential app for your android phone to speed up. This app have some useful features, for use this app you can delete cache, junk or unwanted files in one click and also repair any file in your phone. For the use of this app you optimize great speed of your android phone. This app also powersaver and consume low battery. You also optimize any app with the use of this app. I suggest you to download this app from below link,

3) Uninstall or Disable Unused Apps :
Many apps you never use but running in the background you may not know it and these running apps eating your system resources. Evey unused app has potential to speed down your android phone. Its easy to unstall  unused apps. If you rooted your android phone you need to fully remove every trace of your preloaded apps or disable app.

4) Delete Unwanted Widgets and Shortcuts:
Some times many applications consume more ram of your android p
hone and some widgets and unwanted shortcuts also use more memory. Your desktop contains different types of unwanted widgets and shotcuts need to remove them. Many android phones with widgets that advertise services such asnews and media services etc. Your home screen fully wth some list of latest youtube videos or google play book everyday, remove these all gadgets. If you do this step you can optimize your android phone for high speed.

5) Disable Background Data :
Some applications like facebookviberwhatsapp, twitter etc running in background and regularly uses data a well as uses battery and consume ram memory everytime in background. So this is the major cause of slower speed of your android phone. So I think you need to disable background data, in order to disable background data follow simple stpes,

How To Disable Background :
1. First of all, navigate to Settings.
2. Now Open User Data.
3. Now launch the context menu by tapping the three dots in the upper left corner of the screen or hitting the menu button.
4. Now toggle Autosync data to off and tap Ok on the warning that comes up.

How To Disable Background for Google services :

1. Navigate to Settings and you get Android Settings menu from app menu
2. Tap on Google under accounts.
3. Tap the account name and toogle all types of data syncing to off, including emails etc.

So in this way, your android phone optimize for best speed up your android phone.

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