Today in this post i going to dicuss about how to unlock a android lock. In these days android is most used operating system and everyone use android phones. Android operating system is provided by Google. Android phones is very popular in these days. Many peoples use different types of applications in android phone. Some peoples usesandroid lock pattern and many peoples often forget their lock pattern. So don’t worry i have a trick to unlock or reset lock pattern. Suddenly if you forget your android lock pattern, so don’t worry, I have very simple method to unlock or reset the android lock pattern. Previously, I posted some usefule android tips and tricks such as how to speed up your android phone must read.

When you enter wrong secret quite 5 times then it will offer you warning and you try once thirty seconds. but after you forget secret then you reset lock. now click forget secret, then enter gmail id and secret (you entered in google play store). At this point you wish to reset or unlock your android lock. but if you don’t know email id and secret then follow below simple steps to reset or unlock you android phone. but once use this method, you lose all information in your phone memory. but I even have another simple method to reset or unlock android lock, follow below simple steps,

How to Unlock/Reset a Android Lock in Emergency :

1) First of all, you need to swich off your android device and keep it for some time.

2) Now press the up volume button and hold it for 30 seconds.

3) Now press home button and hold it, Then press power button and after started your phone just release it.

4) Then you can see enter secret android menu you never see it before, just click on home button up and down in the menu.

5) Now click on third option which is Delete All User Data.

6) Now in this way, your android lock pattern is unlocked now problem issolved.

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