How to install adb windows 8 Developers Preview

From what I’ve read a few members were having troubles installing adb on Windows 8 dev Preview-64bit

I have it installed and running and thought I’d share how I did it.

Ive linked a zip file containg the adb drivers,the java.exe,the android-sdk and the easytether.exe

Download the zip attatched to the link.

#1-Extract the “” to your desktop or folder of choice.

#2-Extract the “universal zip” into the same folder.

Now install the jdk-6u22-windows-i586.exe if your running an intel i5 if not then download the correct java version from here-…ads/index.html

and let it run that’s all for the java.

Second extract the to your c: drive. 

Meaning right click on the android sdk and choose extract.

A window will appear. In the address bar of that window is were the files will currently be extracted to. Please delete everything in the address bar except the c: Then click “ok” and close the window.

Then go to your start menu and click on it. From there go to computer and click on it. Then you will see an icon that says (c That’s your hard drive were you extracted the android sdk. Click/Double click on this icon. From there you should see a folder named Android-sdk something something, Right click on this folder and rename it to “AndroidSDK” without the quotes.

Please rename the folder exactly as I wrote it capitol letters and all.

Next make sure that you have usb debuggin enabled on your phone. If you can’t find this, “PLEASE STOP UNTIL YOU DO” 

Now run the easytether.exe “free app included in the zip” file and when it op
ens up it will give you an option of Easy tether core or Android USB drivers. Please choose the Android USB drivers. But “STOP” and click the little arrow next to ANDROID USB DRIVERS. A menu will appear. When it does please choose ENTIRE FEATURE WILL BE INSTALLED ON C: DRIVE. Check that option as well. Click install and let it finish. 

Now please REBOOT your Laptop/Desktop.

When your pc/laptop is up and running, plug your phone into your pc while powered on and choose “charge Mode only”. 

Then select the windows key on the keyboard

Then select “control Panel”

Then select “more settings”

Then select “device Manger”

Once your there look for the “”ADB DRIVER” or while in device manger unplug your phone from your pc and then plug it back in and choose “charge only” and watch for the device driver that shows up. 

Then “right click” and choose “update driver”

Then select 
“browse MY Computer for driver software”

Then select 
“let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”

Then a window will appear.

Then select 
“Next” from the top of the window.

Then select 
“Have DISK”

Now when that window opens select “browse”

Then another window will appear.

Now at the top of the window you will see an “address bar” with a “down arrow next to it”.

Select the “down arrow” and then a drop down list will appear.

From h

ere browse to your desktop or where ever you extracted the to and find the universal folder.

Then select the driver
“android_winusb.inf” and select “open”.

Another window will appear and then select “OK”

Windows will prompt you to install the driver, also it will warn you that the driver is not signed but press install anyway.

When that is done close out all windows and unplug your phone. 

Now restart your laptop/pc. You can do this by holding the window key and press the letter “R”

Now type “cmd” and press enter. 

Now a command window will appear, in that window type this or copy and paste it 

shutdown /s

Then press enter. Another window will appear saying that windows will shutdown in 60 seconds press ok.

Then type 


Then press enter and wait.

When your pc/laptop is back up and running plug your phone into your laptop/pc and choose charge only.

Then hold the window key and press the letter “R”

Now type “cmd” amd press enter. 

When that command window appears. Type this command or copy and paste it.


then hit enter 

Now type cdAndroidSDKtools 

Then hit enter 

Now type

adb devices

You “should” see a bunch of numbers

Those numbers. Represent your phone. 

Now type

adb shell

Then hit enter on your keyboard.

You should see the # sign. That means you have adb installed. To test it just type reboot recovery and it should reboot your phone into your current recovery. From there you got it.

I hope this helps anyone who was having a hard time getting adb to work on windows 8 Developers Preview64-bit. I have not tested this on the latest windows release or the 32bit verison but your welcome to and leave feedback if your successful to help the community.

This is For the HTC EVO 3d-CDMA, it may or may not work for the GSM version or the evo4g CDMA,GSM.

PLease take into mind that this guide may or may not work for you. Some will have no problems with this guide while others may or may not experince difficulties.

This Guide is in no way 100% guaranteed to work for all. Please refarin from posting negative feedback if it does’nt, how ever I would encourage postive feedback.

I will attempt to maintain this thread and help out any members who decide to use this guide. 

Edit if you need help installing adb on ubuntu see my thread here

If you need help installing adb on windows 7-32,64bit,Vista-32,64bit or Xp-32,64bit see my thread here

Also the sdk I included is the older version, I haven’t tried with the latest one. If you do please post if your successful to benefit the community. Also the path to the tools folder will change with the latest sdk, the command should be


This is not for development only for adb. You have to download the development platforms via adb tools.exe to do development. 

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