Windwos 8.1

Windows 8 onward Laptop Manufacturer ships with Enhanced UEFI Secure Boot which has replaced BIOS or Legacy Boot, thus it has been a little tricky to install Windows 8, Windows 8.1 on BIOS or Legacy Boot. Here is Guide How To Install Windows 8 on BIOS Legacy Boot Machines. Follow Step by Step Guide. Also Check Video Guide at Last.

  1. Boot to Firmware Settings ( old BIOS ) with the required Key like F2, F10, F9 etc..Windows 8 x64 Legecy-2015-11-30-02-30-30
  2. Enable Legacy Boot in Boot Options, if required Disable Secure boot but that is not mandatory.
    Set the First Boot Device as your Bootable media Device which can be your Pen-drive or DVD. Also Check How To Create Bootable USB Disk EasilyWindows 8 x64 Legecy-2015-11-30-02-30-42
  3. Save Settings and Restart, If asked to Press any key To Begin Setup…. , Don’t hesitate and Press any Key to start Setup of Windows.Windows 8 x64 Legecy-2015-11-30-02-31-03
  4. On the next screen you are given to select the language to install and currency format, Mine is India so I selected accordingly, and than press NEXT.
  5. Now you have set Language , Time format, its time to begin. Click Install Now to Begin Setup.Windows 8 x64 Legecy-2015-11-30-02-31-35
  6. Setup is starting.Windows 8 x64 Legecy-2015-11-30-02-31-39
  7. Enter the product Key For your windows version( Windows 8.1 Core, Single language, Professional, Enterprise). You can obtain the Setup Default Keys ( Generic Windows Keys by Microsoft here)Windows 8 x64 Legecy-2015-11-30-02-31-50
  8. Windows 8 x64 Legecy-2015-11-30-02-36-19
  9. Accept the License Agreement , if you are interested in reading the terms and agreements you may, else check the box and proceed by clicking Next.Windows 8 x64 Legecy-2015-11-30-02-36-43
  10. If you want to upgrade , click Upgrade, but I am doing Clean Install, So click Custom.Windows 8 x64 Legecy-2015-11-30-02-36-49
  11. Partition Selection is to be done carefully, I hve deleted all partitions First for clean install, this is often done when there are no important files on computer. If you are on Dual Boot Systems select options and partitions carefully, dont mess with boot partitions, recovery, and other Operating Systems partition Disks.
    I have deleted all partition first.Windows 8 x64 Legecy-2015-11-30-02-37-12
  12. Select The Unpartitioned area and click New to create partition, Enter the Size of partitions you want to Create, Minimum Requrement for Windows 8, Windows 8.1 is 20GB. Click apply to create partition, it will ask to create additional Partitions to Ensure proper functioning, Click OK.Windows 8 x64 Legecy-2015-11-30-02-37-16
  13. Now Select the Partition on which you want to install Windows 8 or widows 8.1 and click Next.Windows 8 x64 Legecy-2015-11-30-02-37-38
  14. On the Next screen Files Copying Begin and you can see something Like this as picture below. Windows 8 x64 Legecy-2015-11-30-02-37-42
  15. Computer restarts Itself after few process and when files are copied.Windows 8 x64 Legecy-2015-11-30-02-55-06
  16. Few automated tasks like Drivers Installation ..Windows 8 x64 Legecy-2015-11-30-02-55-53
  17. Personalize the Color Scheme and Set Name for you Computer.Windows 8 x64 Legecy-2015-11-30-03-02-46
  18. Windows 8 x64 Legecy-2015-11-30-03-03-04
  19. Next you can customize few settings Like Windows Updates and rest I Chose to use The Express Settings.Windows 8 x64 Legecy-2015-11-30-03-04-11
  20. If you have active Internet Connection you will be asked to Login with Microsoft Account.Windows 8 x64 Legecy-2015-11-30-03-03-41
  21. Unfortunately I dont have active Internet Connection at the moment.Windows 8 x64 Legecy-2015-11-30-03-07-18
  22. Create local Accounts on Computer. Enter User name and Don’t Forget the password because this will an Administrator Group privileges Account.Windows 8 x64 Legecy-2015-11-30-03-07-54
  23. Finalizing You Settings.Windows 8 x64 Legecy-2015-11-30-03-08-17
  24. Few Moments of Rest while Installing Few Apps.Windows 8 x64 Legecy-2015-11-30-03-09-12Windows 8 x64 Legecy-2015-11-30-03-09-34
  25. Now you see a complete Different Windows Interface with Metro UI, That is  Done. !!Windows 8 x64 Legecy-2015-11-30-03-10-56
    Windows 8 x64 Legecy-2015-11-30-03-12-30

You just Now Installed Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.  Enjoy.

Video Guide-

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