A lot of people have asked me in the past, how can I use my Samsung Series 7 Slate to run the latest Windows 8 (originally Dev Preview when I first released this) and actually I have been seeing it more often that people can’t figure out how to get it on their Slate…

With that being said, I recommend you visit my updated post on my Blog that reflects Windows 8 RC here install & my blog contains other Windows 8 (and WP7) related content if you’re bored. Otherwise to save you time, below is the steps/full blog post and a video created (This is my video from my YouTube Channel “TechMeShow“, I permit the video being here) regarding making the USB Stick, which is old news but still people continue to ask and really get hundreds of views due to Google Searches.


Download 64-Bit US-EN Windows 8 Release Preview Here (ISO)


Download 32-Bit US-EN Windows 8 Release Preview Here (ISO)

HOWTO Install Windows 8 Release Preview on MOST Tablet/Slate’s

1). Download the edition of Windows 8 you want.
Tip: Download ISO from above.

2). Grab the Microsoft USB Disc Creator (‘Should’ use a USB Stick + Available USB Slot)
Tip Link: Microsoft USB Disc Creator Download Page. Video below.

3). After you use the Disc Creator, pop in the USB Stick to your computer and DO NOT RUN INSTALL ON WINDOWS 7 (We want it on a Tablet/Slate, remember?).

4). Now, reboot the tablet/slate, hit the Home Screen button only 1 time (give it a moment, don’t rush, it’ll happen) and select the USB Stick
Tip: To navigate up and down, select the left (or varies on device) Up/Down Volume Control and once selected, press the “Screen Lock”.

5). Product Key: TK8TP-9JN6P-7X7WW-RFFTV-B7QPF

6). Follow the steps for installation and your set!


If you already knew all of this, terrific. However, again and not to brag, when I get at least 200 daily visits because people can’t figure out how to install Windows 8 <edition here> on a Tablet/Slate (yes pretty easy), I thought why not post it here because obviously not enough people are getting it.

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