iPhone has a new Bug on iOS 10,  as long as the user to certain operations, the device will crash or restart. Recently, users have found such a “bug” in iOS, this bug will cause the device to stop responding and restart. But here to remind the user is, for Apple to repair the “loopholes” do not hold too much hope.



Italian website AmiciApple said that in the latest iOS 10.3.2 beta version of the “bug” is still available. As soon as the user moves out of the control center and then selects either Night Shift, AirDrop, and any of the last columns in the control center (alarm clock, calculator or camera), the device will crash and restart automatically after a few seconds and return to normal. If there is no automatic restart, the user can also manually restart.


This bug, tested so far on iPhone 6+ (10.2), 6S (10.2 and 10.3.1), 5S (10.3.1) is able to ‘freezare’ devices, locking them until they respringare.

IOS system, there have been many similar bug. It is also fast friends who play bad, have their own iPhone friends made this text message, so that the other side of the phone into the crash state.

There are many users found these errors “kill” iPhone and iPad method, but we are here to remind you: Do not imitate, malicious use of system vulnerabilities can not be used by other people’s equipment may violate certain areas of laws and regulations.


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