tricks to make single Facebook account. As per rule it is not possible to Make account on Facebook without Last name because it is against the policies of Facebook. But if you want to make your Facebook profile with First name without using last name then simply follow my given steps.


Note:- After few months of successful working of this trick. Now few days back Facebook starts blocking this Ip address for many countries and places. So i don’t guaranteed about it, So please try it i hope its may work at your place.

This trick is working for Mozilla Firefox so try it on Mozilla.

  • Firstly Change your Browser Proxy Manually use one of the proxy from below given.

HTTP Proxy :-  




Search any Indonesian proxies from or any other sitePORT :-             8080

  • Then Save Your Settings.
  • Now Open your Facebook Account  Name Settings.
  • Change your language from English (us) to Bahasa Indonesia
  • Then  Simply remove Your Last Name And Save it.
  • Now Your Facebook Account is only with First Name Without Last Name.
  • After Completing all steps remove Manual Proxy and select  use system proxy settings and change change your language back to English (us)


  • Firstly Open your Facebook account settings then change proxy because sometime after changing proxy their will be error in log in account 
  • Please Don’t Forget To Remove Proxies After Using. So if you  want to enjoy this tricks for long time. Always Remove Proxies 🙂 
If you already cross the limits of changing your account name then this trick is not helpful for you. Then i suggest you to create new account.
I hope it will working for you. If you find above proxy is not working then i request you to cooperate us and search it on your behalf.

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