Microsoft Fixes Exploit That exploit that allows Android to run on Windows 10 Mobile

Two weeks away from the official Windows 10 Mobile release. Users with tools from Microsoft would be able to run Android on their Windows 10 Mobile powered handsets. Think about all of those Android flavored apps not available for Windows Phone, that these Windows users would be able to enjoy.
A bug in the Android Runtime allows the Android platform to run on Windows 10 Mobile, a prospect that worries Microsoft because Android is considered less secure than Windows Phone

It requires access to certain tools that only Microsoft can provide you with

Well, that’s not the case anymore since WMPU reports Microsoft has just squashed this bug that allowed certain persons with access to several proprietary tools that only the Redmond-based company can provide, to install Android on a Lumia smartphone.

Remember, though that while Microsoft has patched this exploit, Android apps will still be supported in Windows 10 Mobile via Project Astoria.

However, this is not the same thing since these Android apps will work within the confinements of the Windows Phone environment, which should be more secure than Google’s mobile platform.

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