Nearly 50 Pak websites hacked in reply to hacking of Kerala govt website

Mallu Cyber Soldiers’ has hacked around 46 Pakistan websites, which include Pakistan’s government website, and

The anonymous cyber group, in their facebook page, has stated that it has defaced another four sites. The defaced page has image of burning Pakistan flag with messages ‘Better stay away from Indian Cyber Space’. The cyber attack has been named as ‘Operation Pak Cyber Space’ and the hackers have claimed that it was a payback for hacking Both Kerala government and Pakistani government are yet to restore the sites.

This is not the first time that Mallu Cyber Soldier engage in an online war against anonymous Pakistani hackers. ‘Mallu Cyber Soldiers’ hit headline when it hacked several Pakistani websites as a revenge to Pakistani hackers defacing actor Mohanlal’s website in October last year. Mallu Cyber Soldiers, along with Indian Black Hats and India Cyber Pirates, had hacked around 120 Pakistani websites in August 15 in response to hacking of official website of Thenmala Eco Tourism on Independence Day.


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