Reaver 1.3 was introduced to me by Phenix. It caught my interest because it seemed to be a miracle tool. If anyone has ever used aircrack ng, you know what a nightmare it can be. You can do the deauthentication and grab the handshake, only to find out the password is not in your dictionary and when it comes to WEP you can inject and keep getting the error “You do not have enough data to crack the key” even though you know damn well that you do. But Reaver doesn’t care about any of that. What it does is simply ask the router what it’s pin number is over and over until it guesses the proper one and then the router will return the password. And you are now the registrar. 

Sounds good in theory but it has it’s bugs. If the router implements lockout, then Reaver will say “Lockout detected, waiting 315 seconds before retry” and you get caught up in this fucking loop. It will keep saying that all day long so then you will have to ctrl C and break out of the terminal and restart. Luckily for us, Reaver saves the session so all we have to do is hit Y and start where we ended until we get back to the brain loop. This requires a lot of babysitting. and if the router keep implementing lock out, this can take days to crack a password. But let’s say you come across a router that doesn’t implement lockout, you can crack it in 4 to 24 hours. If the router is far away, you can lose authentication and then reaver will just sit there and keep changing channels. And you get caught up in this brain loop. It’s very annoying to wake up from your 3 hour nap and find this happening or Reaver saying “Lockout detected, wait 315 seconds” This means you have made no process. And as a note: If the router does lock you out, it doesn’t only lock you out, it locks everyone on the network out and no one can be the registrar. Until they physically reset the router, no one will be able to log on to it. This can be a dead giveaway that something weird is happening to the owner of the router. So in the experimentation of Reaver, it is not a miracle tool but when everything is perfect it does its job very well. 

Note: It is illegal to break into other people’s routers. I tried this on my router, which is a new one, and some old routers I got at the thrift store and craigslist. So if you plan on doing this to your neighbors, you’re on your own when you get in trouble.

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