Hello this my 1st tutorial. Want to recover/crack your Windows Password using Linux distro because you forgot the passowrd? Well read this article.
If you will type the following command, make sure you will type without quote.
Well, first you’ll need BackTrack on LiveDVD/CD or LiveUSB.
Now you need to restart your computer, then when the BIOS start click the F[*] that will boot the device. ([*] means number)
Now plug your LiveDVD/CD or LiveUSB on your PC then click the button that will but the device. Mine is F11.

Now start the desktop environment of BackTrack, then now open the konsole/terminal then type: ” chntpw “.
This “chntpw” is program of Linux distro that can recover the password on Windows which means that if you are using a liveCD/DVD or dual booting you can use this program to recover the password in Windows OS.

Notice: Make sure you type the correct spelling. If the file is capitalize you will type capitalize too.Example 
the name of folder is ‘Folder’, and you type ‘cd folder’ it will say that the folder is not existing so you need to type ‘cd Folder’.

So our target is called “SAM” file, so we need to locate it. The destination is 
“C:Windowssystem32configSAM”. In console(Linux). you’ll type:

CODE: chntpw -i ‘/media/(should put the name of your C: drive here)/Windows/system32/config/SAM’

Now after typing that command, press ‘1’ >> then type the name ofuser account. >> then type ‘1’ to clear the password >> enter.>> type q >> then type ‘!’ then “y”

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