HOW TO REMOVE VIRUS FROM PEN DRIVE. Pen drives and USB storage drives are commonly used portable data storage devices. These are so handy to use that almost everybody is using a pen drive to transfer data from one system to another system. Use of pen drive is so common that the chances of getting infected by virus is also more. So in this article I will explain How to Remove Virus from Pen drive without losing data.


Pen drives are mostly affected by virus called newfolder.exe or regsvr.exe. You can easily identify this by the presence of autorun.inf file inside your pen drive. What you can not see any file? Yes, exactly! You can not see this file because this file has all the 3 attributes S(System), H(Hidden) and R(Read Only) set which prevent this from being seen, accessed and modified.
So how to remove this virus? To remove this virus without losing your data just follow this below procedure:
Step1: Go to Start->Run and type the path to your pen drive and type attrib for example J:>attrib
This will give you the list of all files present on your pen drive including the hidden ones. Now you can locate the autorun.inf file on your pen drive.
Step2: Now Go to Start->Run-> and type the path to pen drive and then type the command attrib -s -h -r autorun.inf as show below: attrib

J:>attrib -s -h -r autorun.inf
I have used attrib -s -h -r . to process every file present
This will remove these attributes on the file. Now delete the file using simple delete command as shown below:
del autorun.inf
Congratulation! Now your pen drive is free from virus and you did not loose any data. Hope this is useful.

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