Does the password s4.pUd53!ppie8 seem impossible to remember? It really isn’t. And it’s easy to make this kind of secure password in a matter of seconds!

How we arrive at s4.pUd53!ppie8:

First we have sadpuppy. Let’s replace the a with a 4.

Now we have s4dpuppy. How about mixing a character around? s4dpuppy changes to s4pudppy. We just moved the d over 2 spots.

How about we change the y to an ie? Now we have s4pudppie. Now we throw in some random (or not so random) numbers.

How about something easy? Throw in 5, 3, and 8 into s4pdudppie. 5 + 3 = 8 if you forget. We now have s4pudppie538.

Mix those numbers into s4pudppie – s4pud53ppie8 is our new password. You can also throw in a certain year as the numbers.

At the end of the two numbers, we’ll add something – ! – so now we have s4pud53!ppie8

Almost done! Let’s throw in a period as the first letter of the second word begins. s4.pud53!ppie8 – let’s add an uppercase letter (the U) for added security.


We now have a secure password.

How about we do something like that with the infamous password of password?

How can we make it secure?

Making “password” secure:

password -> p4ssw0rd -> p4w0srds -> p4w0srdz -> p4w0sr#d$z -> p4w0sR#d$z -> p4w0.sR#d$z

p4w0.sR#d$z seems pretty secure, don’t you think?

Remembering the password..

Once you have made your secure password you must remember it. The point of starting with a phrase such as sadpuppy is to help you remember it.

Look at it on your computer screen. Take out a piece of paper (don’t do this on your keyboard). Write it down once.

Write it down about 15 times. THEN go to your keyboard on your computer and see if you remember it (type it in).

Change some of your regularly used passwords to it and maybe some not so regularly used passwords to it. But don’t change all your passwords to it!

For your email, paypal, etc passwords, you want to make a completely different password, or further edited secure password (that is, add a few special characters to your normal password).

This will allow you to have a very secure password and be able to remember it.

Please realize that there is no formula here. You just change characters around and substitute or add others.

If you have cool as your password, you don’t have to (and shouldn’t) change both o’s to 0’s – only one.

You can change a lot of letters to numbers or special characters and vise versa including:

a -> 4
B -> 8
e -> 3
i -> 1
l -> 1
o -> 0
s -> 5

a -> @
s -> $
1 -> !
x -> %

They aren’t hard to come up with. These are just a few. There are tons more.
Anything you can remember will work.

Some sites don’t allow special characters in the password, including this site, so you have to compromise. You can take out the characters completely, or replace them with numbers.

The key to making secure passwords is all about being inconsistent.

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