Session Hijacking Tool ‘Droidsheep’ – Download and tutorial

session hijacking

Session Hijacking refers to an attack in which a hacker temporarily hijacks the ongoing session of the user and he is able to see what the user is doing on his mobile,computer be it accessing facebook,gmail or any other site.
P.S.- Rooted Android is required .
Steps of using :
1.Open the app.
2.Check “ARP-Spoofing” and “Genreic Mode”.
3.Click on Start.
4.In some time you will start getting various sessions on the same network of wifi.Click on then see what the person is doing.

Working of Droidsheep : Basically,Droidsheep catches the packets which are send by the device to the router.The packets are received on hackers phone and the hacker further exploits them.

Download : You can download DroidSheep from here.

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