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It’s amazing how the human network seems to band together in order to (re)distribute programs and such. Call it helping each other out in the economic crisis, pirating, or exerting freedom; no matter what it’s called, it’s amazing to understand how it works.

This article teaches you how it works, and how people go about doing so.


The first thing to be done, assuming the operating system is Windows, is to download and install 7-Zip, WinRAR, another .rar archiver.

So there is this program. But WAIT!
It’s $300.00!

Most programs available on the internet have some sort of free trial. If not, go down one paragraph.

For trial copies:

Download and install the target program.
Open it up, see if it even actually needs to be activated.
Sometimes it doesn’t matter if it is activated or not.

Without a trial copy:

Look on Google.
Search for the program.
If a trial of the newest version can’t be downloaded, an older version suffices.

Moving on…
Look around in the program; find the ‘About’ section.
All that is needed here is the program version.
Look some more to find something along the lines of ‘Register’ or ‘Activate’. Take a good look at the format of the registration code(s).

The first place I ever look for registration information is Serial Portal. Just getting raw serials is much easier than going through the rest of the process.

If you don’t find your program there, then we need to look at just cracking the stupid thing: Zcrack is an amazing web site for cracking programs.

Just search for your program (without the version) and look through the results. If you don’t see the particular version, it’s fine, just try any versions relatively close to it.

Click on the name.
Click to download the file.
Extract the file.

You should now see one of three types of files now:
.txt, .exe, or another file format.

If it’s a .txt file:
Open it up.
Copy the codes.
The program can now be registered.

If it’s a .exe file:
Close the program.
Run the crack.
Open the program.
If it didn’t work, repeat the past couple steps.

If it’s a .????? file:
Open it with notepad.
It’s likely that there will be a bunch of gibberish, but most of it should be readable text.
Just look through it until you find something that is in the same format as what you need to register your program.
Copy the codes.
The program can now be registered.

If none of that worked:

Go to CrackLooker and just search for your program. Since they index sites with actual cracks, there is a broader search if it is done this way.

Now just follow the steps that were stated earlier for if what is needed can be found on Zcrack.

Contribution From Stormc1nd3r:
Go to Google and search “Software Title 94FBR”, replacing software title with the name of the product. Why does this generally work? Well, the search will bring up pages that have two things: the software’s name, and part of an Office Pro 2000 cd key. This means that the site likely has a list of cd keys, and that it has the software name in that list. Note that cd key sites often contain deadly scripts designed to steal cookies from passersby. It is recommended in general to install the NoScript addon for Firefox before visiting a cd key site, or any site in ge


Humans seem to band together now more than ever. This “(re)distribution effect” is becoming largely accepted and acted upon, both by end users and authorities.

Please note that this article is for education purposes ONLY. SecurityOverride cannot and will not be held responsible for any end user actions. This article is meant for the end user’s knowledge about the human network today.

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