How to distribute viruses:

So I saw an article here on how to distribute viruses, Botnets and RATs. It seemed quite short and unfinished so I will try to finish it.

My history with viruses and Botnets is quite vast. I’ve been jumping between viruses for awhile, going around the net meeting many different virus writers and learning a lot about what makes a good writer and what makes a good distributor. A good writer rarely sends out his own work himself, instead he might hand it over to another person to send out to the world. I know that seems a bit weird but its true, people would work in teams to write, distribute, monitor and maintain.

So it’s time to get started with this.

1. Warez

If you have read the first article you will know that a warez site is mainly for downloading cracked programs that would normally cost a fortune like AVG and Norton. However, these sites aren’t as great as you might think. Most of these programs however contain a surprise that might cause upset to the downloader. Warez sites are the breeding ground for new viruses. Viruses can be bound to a program and when you set it up you could get an awful kick in the teeth. There are people who are willing to open up a program and setup a virus inside the program itself making it much harder to find. These people are usually part of a group of serious attackers. You could be in some serious s**t if you get hit by one of these.

2. Spam, spam everywhere

We all hate spam; it’s a tangy kind of meat that doesn’t hold a candle to ham. 😀 But really, who likes spam? Well, viruses love them. We all get spam every day, and most of it is just pure rubbish. They want us to go to some site and enter details, or to reply to the prince of Nigeria saying thanks but no thanks. We all know that viruses are in emails – almost all emails, whether they have an attachment or not. So the emails say beware of an upcoming virus that is going to spread all over the internet, is going to destroy the world, and will rape all the kids in your neighborhood, and that YOU are going to get the blame! Yep, spam is great for viruses, scareware, freeware, shareware; it’s all the same! Spam is there to get you to read a dodgy PDF file that just exploits your OS, or to get you to visit a dodgy site that claims to know how Michael Jackson really died (you should really click that email, it’s true).

3. IM and IRC

Instant messaging and IRC are great ways to meet people and talk to friends. But it only takes one idiot to get infected and to screw up everyone else.

The MSN bug…
The MSN bug is very annoying. Anyone who has more than ten contacts on it has faced it. Your friend says something along the lines of, “Hey LOL whats up? I just found this great new site YOU SHOULD SO CHECK IT OUT LOL!!!!!!!!!!!” Then you see that your friend is offline, send them a text asking if they are online and they say no. Well now you know that your friend got suckered into clicking something stupid. We aren’t really sure what the point of the virus was. It was thought that it was a botnet, but this is too big and too quite to be a botnet.

IRC Worms…
IRC worms aren’t as big or as common, but they do crop up and are worth a mention. IRC worms in the underbelly of the IRC are very dangerous when you can get smacked with one. You might go into an IRC you don’t know, and the admin might say that he has to update the Client you are using to match the server. Now you and I both know that you would have to be an IRC n00b to believe this. But people are that stupid. Once these people get infected then they are at the mercy of the worm. Yep, it’s kind of hard to believe that people are willing to accept something through IRC that they don’t know what exactly it is.

4. People

People are willing to do many things to get you to download their virus or to get on their botnets. They will lie to you, entice you, seduce you – anything. These people will either be just harmless pranksters or serious groups of attackers that want to really get a lot out of you by any means. These are the people that are the front-end of the virus industry, and they are the ones that are pushing the virus. Like drug dealers on the street, they get caught, then get in trouble, small time stuff. They are the fall guys for the bigger gangs; they usually get a one time payment and are cut off once they get caught.

5. Hardware

Have you ever found a lost USB key? Ever think of looking at what’s inside? You might find something unpleasant inside. There are people who will “lose” their USB key and want to it be found. Once you put it in, you might just get smacked in the face with a virus. Yeah, it’s one of the new ways that is taking the world. Open up a MyUsb.pdf file and then this could get very messy. It could scan your documents, pictures, downloads, anything – and then send it on to an FTP server in some country such as Russia, and then simply delete itself. These viruses have to be fast, effective, and leave no trace. These high tech viruses are the latest in gathering information. But they are just much more than random attacks. They are being targeted at businesses and large companies – trojans that slam a system or that leave a backdoor for the attacker to get in for further use.

6. Torrents

Lastly, we have torrents. Torrents are open to the public to FREELY DOWNLOAD ITEMS THAT USERS HAVE UPLOADED! That had to be said since this is a very dangerous area. DON’T DOWNLOAD THINGS THAT AREN’T BY TRUSTED USERS!!!!!!! This section I will leave short since I have mentioned already most of which is said in the Warez section.

7. Random downloads


This is a simple article with some ways that viruses are sent around. I hope you liked it. I will be doing more articles if you like this one.

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