Hello Friends, Today I am talking talking about how to watch livetelevision channels (TV) by using VLC Player. Previously, I posted a very intersting VLC Player trick Display your desktop inside VLC Player. But today’s post is about watch TV channels by usingVLC Player. All the peoples are crazy about watching live TV channels. We
love to watch several channels according to our choices. If you love watching TV channels, you have good way to watch live TV channels from your computer by using VLC Player. We know VLC player is used to watch videos from your computer but it is also used for watching live TV channels. We found a trick to watch live TV channels from your compuer by using VLC Player. But here is a problem because, I find few channels to watch in your VLC player and no much clear channels.

How to Watch Live TV Channels Using VLC Player :

Step 1) First of all, Open VLC Player.

Step 2) Now Press Ctrl + S from your keyboad.

Step 3) Now open Network Tab.

Step 4) Now copy any URL from below channel list,

Aaj Tak : rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_4.sdp
Times Now : rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_2.sdp
RAJ News : rtsp://
NDTV : rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_33.sdp
NDTV Profit : rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_31.sdp
CNBC Aawaz : rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf1/cid_34.sdp
CNBC TV 18 : rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_35.sdp
Headlines Today :rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_7.sdp
NDTV 24×7 : rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_29.sdp
NK News : rtsp://
ETV : rtsp://
Comedy :rtsp://video3.multicasttech.com/AFTVComedy3GPP96.sdp
Studio N : rtsp://
SVBC : rtsp://
Zoo Vision : rtsp://stream.zoovision.com/live.sdp
B4u Music : rtsp://
Music Box :rtsp://stream.the.sk/live/musicbox/mus

iMusic : rtsp://
Zee Tamil : rtsp://
Zee Kannad : rtsp://
Zee Bangla : rtsp://
Bella Tv : rtsp://
Fashion Tv : rtsp://
Adventure :rtsp://video3.multicasttech.com/AFTVAdventure3GPP296.sdp
Horror :rtsp://video2.multicasttech.com/AFTVHorror3GPP296.sdp
Classic :rtsp://video3.multicasttech.com/AFTVClassics3GPP296.sdp
Crime :rtsp://video2.multicasttech.com/AFTVCrime3GPP296.sdp
Mystery :rtsp://video2.multicasttech.com/AFTVMystery3GPP296.sdp
Clubbing Tv :rtsp://

Step 5) Now paste it and click on Play Button.

Now watching live TV channels free of cost and enjoy 🙂

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