Hey Friends! This time  instead of any hack we have brought a Topic of Healthy Discussion for you.

Should you Buy An Original Antivirus or not?

Everyone out here might have a different approach and a different answer to this question.
Well I am just going to give you pros and cons of this topic and then you can decide on your own,whether its worth going for an Original AntiVirus Software or not.
Well in this insecure cyber world Trojans , Keyloggers , Worms and other forms of virus are just like terrorists of real World. They aim to harm anything and everything they can.
Our Systems Firewall And Antivirus act as Soldiers to defend us from these malicious attackers.
All kings of virus whether Trojan , Keylogger or worm are nothing but small softwares whose execution starts whenever we click on them, Knowingly or unknowingly.
These softwares are meant to either harm the computer or to fetch out important information.

So how does AntiVirus work ?

Any idea?
Well Read on..
All the virus Have a unique signature, when an AntiVirus Scans for  a virus in a file, it just looks for that signature in that file, and if its there , the file is considered as a virus if not , its safe.

Well Now Lets Come to the discussion that ,

Should you Buy an original AntiVirus or not.

The only advantage of using a pirated Antivirus is  that its free. You may use keys available online but they too are blacklisted very soon and after that you can’t update the AntiVirus any more , any thats where the problem starts.
So you may think

What if the AntiVirus is not updated?

Let me tell you with an example..
There are hundreds of AntiVirus Softwares Available and millions of virus online, hundreds of new virus are launched everyday. Now Suppose that you have a pirated AntiVirus , you got its key and even managed to update it and after that its black listed a week ago. Now if any Anti Virus is launched after you updated the AntiVirus Software, you won’t be able to update it and so you won’t be able to add the signature of new Virus to AntiVirus’ Database. And if any file infected with that virus comes, your antivirus will not be able to detect it and that’s it. Your Anti Virus Software was as good as nothing then.
Now Let Me Present Another Point Of View..

Is using an Original AntiVirus enough to protect your machine?

What do you think?
Well actually it depends on 1 thing, is it updated or not.
Let me share a small incident with you –
A friend of mind said , “I am using an original Antivirus and I don’t even Have an Internet connection , Still My Machine has many Virus in it. The AntiVirus Software is useless”.
Well was it actually AntiVirus’ Fault?
Normally many people have a misconception that if you don’t have an Internet Connection,  you have very less chance of getting a virus and those using internet get virus very often.
This isn’t actually true.
Even if you  use an Original AntiVirus on a machine that is not connected to internet, the software will never be able to update its database and would be as good as nothing.
No doubt without the internet Connection , the number of ways a virus can attack your system is reduced, but the chance that your AntiVirus is going to Detect that Virus is reduced at a greater extent. Which in turn makes your system more vulnerable.

So What is the solution for this?


Well We found that outdated Antivirus are of no use. We even Found that  even an Original Antivirus which is not updated on regular basis is of no good.
Ethical Hacking Suggests all its readers to opt for an Original Antivirus espically if you do online transitions or netbanking or share other confidential data online  and Keep it updated to protect yourself in this insecure Cyber World.

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