Accessing Metro Apps Folder

Windows 8 introduces a new type of apps called metro apps or modern apps.These apps can be installed with a tap from the windows store.This system works out great for the average consumer but its a nuisance for power users.And since most of the xda devs are power users I decided to write this guide to accessing the metro apps.The metro apps are installed in C/Program Files?Windowsapps/ This folder is hidden and locked away to prevent users from modding the apps.However there is a way to access the folder which I am going to describe in detail here.This procedure is really simple and there is absolutely no need to go into the command line like how I read in some other tuts I found on the web.

The Windowsapps folder is a hidden folder so first of all you will need to go to the control panel and display it in small icons view.Then go to folder options and tick the option that says show hidden files,folders and drives.After doing this click apply and ok and exit.Now when you navigate to c program files,you should be able to see a folder named windowsapps.It will appear in white.

Now double click on the folder.It will not open.Instead,you will get a warning saying that you currently don’t have access to this folder.Click continue.Another warning will pop up saying that permission to open the folder has been denied.Click on the security Tab Link.

In the security tab,click on continue.A box will open which will list all the permission holders of the windowsapps folder.It will display TrustedInstaller as the owner.Click Change.A box will open up.Change The Owner to your name and click check names,correct it if you have written the wrong name.Click Ok.The permission will be changed.Check replace owner on subcontainers and objects too.

Now you will need to restart windows explorer for the changes to be effective.Now,you have complete access to the windowsapps folder.

Now that you have got access to the folder,There are a great many things you can do..Ill list some of them to increase productivity.
1.Delete Preinstalled Useless Apps
2.Read the Source Code
3.Modify/Play around with the apps
etc etc

Enjoy Guys….Hope I helped…….

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