WINDOWS 8 RTM 32 & 64 Bit

Hello everyone … After a while ‘on the run, I remembered having to try again with the release of Windows 8 RTM Build 9200, then finally … 2 little hours for testing a program of which I already knew the existence ( not new, just some persons often combine this program with wrong DOS command or not right card format ) et voilĂ  ! IN A FEW STEPS, WINDOWS 8 LIVE USB … RTM VERSION AND PREVIEWS TOO ( I tried with my old Consumer Preview, I assume that it might work with the very old Developer one ). However, if the preview doesn’t work, my previous method still works for sure with the previews…


A) have the ISO Microsoft Windows 8 RTM ( remember men… the free trial is 90 days)

B) have a PRIMARY partition at least 12 GB free space on the USB drive formatted in NTFS with the choice between

– Cluster Size = 512 bytes
– Cluster Size = 1024 bytes
– Cluster Size = 2048 bytes

C) have the two little programs WINRAR (including trial version) & GIMAGEX (opensource)

Here’s how:

01) open with WINRAR the ISO of Windows 8 RTM ( or the release u want to use )

02) extract the file /SOURCES/INSTALL.WIM to the hard disk ( where you want )

03) open with GIMAGEX ( Image Extractor Tool ) the file INSTALL.WIM… This’s a small portable utility, download it, unzip it where you want and open the executable in 32-bit or 64-bit EXE depending on your system:

– go to 2nd tab “APPLY”
– in the 1st field “Source”, click once on Browse and select your file INSTALL.WIM
– in the 2nd field “Destination”, click once on Browse and select the root of your USB drive (eg X: )
– in the 3rd field “Image” you can check by clicking on Select that it’s the NUMBER 1
– “Verify” not flagged
– “Check” not flagged
– click on APPLY and wait … here it’s stolen to me about 20 minutes … depends on key and system …

04) from disk management builted in windows, choose the partition of the USB key used and right click to “mark partition as active” so that the PC can then use it to boot

05) open a DOS command line with administrator privileges

06) go to the directory of the key X: Windows System32 where X: is the partition of the USB key

07) bcdboot.exe X:windows /s X: /f ALL


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